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My husband and I split our time between the Colorado mountains and the city. We live in a condo in the city. In the mountains, our home is a log cabin complete with covered front porch. I think this mix is the best. When we feel the need to connect to nature, we head to the mountains. For some buzz and nightlife, we stay in the city.

My Facebook (Shannon Walker-Lembke) and Instagram (@swlembke) are filled with posts and pics about attending live music, drinking craft beer or wine, mountain scenery and wildlife, and art. Every now and then, I worry that I’m going to find myself in the middle of an intervention (there are MANY, MANY pics of beer and wine). Hopefully, most people realize the in terms of volume I don’t drink a lot – just often (very often).

I like the feel of breweries and tap rooms. I like the people that are patrons and those that work in these establishments. So, I hang out at breweries both at home and when we travel. The fact that we can walk to multiple breweries and a winery from either our condo or cabin makes things easy. (Too easy?)