Dying for Business  Dying for Business  Mixed Media Mysteries – Book 1 

Susan Hale, a recent transplant from New York, manages a historic inn in a small town in the Colorado Rockies. The murder of a New York businessman and guest at the inn puts Susan and her best friend Meg, a local mixed media artist, in the middle of a murder investigation.

Susan wants the murder solved quickly to avoid problems with her boss and protect her reputation with the other Pine Grove residents. When Susan gets sidetracked with problems at the inn, money missing from the inn’s accounts, a trip to the hospital, and a little romance, Meg steps in to help keep the investigation moving forward.

But when Meg and the police chief focus their attention on Susan’s friend and landscape contractor as the prime suspect, Susan considers reaching out to a contact from her past that might have information concerning another possible suspect. Susan would rather keep her past life in New York separate from the new life she’s created in Pine Grove. Is arresting a killer worth revealing secrets of her past life?